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 Clarify Page - Photo Restoration by SmileDogProductions.com

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Clarify - a photo restoration technique that makes a basic adjustment to the photo brightness, photo contrast and photo color in order to bring out the best in your picture.  Photo clarification is included in all of the other categories in the Gallery.  It may be the only photo adjustment you'll need.

Clarify . . . $35 to $50
Putting aside for the moment the healing of the Red-spot Syndrome and the amazing photo-engineering feat of propping up the leaning building, this is a good example of basic Photo Clarification.  Gail and her two friends were brought out of the shadows, the over-all red tint of the photo was eliminated, and the contrast and brightness were adjusted to sharpen the image.      

Sandy just sent me this great fashion shot.  The only thing that needed to be done was to correct the blue color cast, most likely the result of the camera not having been set properly for the lighting.  We removed it completely from her skin tone and clothing, but left just a touch of the blue in the stones that she is lying on.  Love that jacket, Sandy.
Photo restoration and clarification - remove blue cast from Sandy - Photo Restoration by SmileDogProductions.com

Another color cast, this time red (from aging).  After removing the cast, another photo adjustment was made to the background to bring out the gold in the trim.  Ah, how young we were.
Photo Restoration and Clarification - remove red cast from Prom photo - Photo Restoration by SmileDogProductions.com

On the left are a couple of pictures I took on a cloudy day in South Florida.  Some more classic examples of basic Photo Clarification.
Photo Restoration and Clarification.  Clarify Photo - Water fowl - Photo Restoration by SmileDogProductions.com

Here's a quartet of badly faded photos that were improved dramatically using nothing more than Clarification.
Photo Restoration and Clarification by smiledogproductions.com.  Photo Restore

Becky sent me this photo of her and her husband.  She didn't give me any details about where it was taken, but I'm almost positive it was at their wedding.  This is an example of Photo Clarification Plus - the photo had to be straightened, the orange color cast removed and the jagged border around the photo smoothed to an even oval.  Most importantly, Becky's beautiful wedding gown had to be sharpened to bring out the intricate lace work.  This may not be readily apparent in the web image below that you see on your screen but, believe me, the final 8x10 photo that Rebekah received is like night-and-day in comparison to the original.

And here's a few more.  The Lady who rode . . .
Photo Restoration.  Clarify Photo - Janelle at Dog Beach - Photo Restoration by SmileDogProductions.com

....on the back of the Tiger.

A tribute to my Mom and Dad....

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