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Here's how we remove, fix and repair redeye pupil, a fairly easy photo restoration project.

Fix Redeye Pupil - Human . . . $35
Ken's red eye was caused either by the camera flash bouncing off the back of his retinas (or something like that) or by the keg-and-a-half he consumed the previous night.  In either case, the photo restore technique to repair redeye pupil is usually pretty straight-forward.

Photo Restoration - fix redeye pupil, Ken - Photo Restoration by SmileDogProductions.com

Fix Redeye Pupil - Cat . . . $35
What do you do for a sick cat?  To change eye color, you give the cat a tonic.
Photo Restoration and Repair - repair redeye pupil, cat - Photo Restoration by SmileDogProductions.com

Remove Redeye Pupil - Dog . . . $35
Well, not exactly a fix of redeye pupil . . . but dogs will be dogs.
Photo Restoration and Repair - fix redeye, dog - Photo Restore by SmileDogProductions.com

Repair Multiple Redeye Pupil - Human . . . $40+
Now, here's a really ailing family; clockwise from bottom left we have "Dog-Eye", "Wink-Eye", "Red-Eye" and the dreaded "Red-Shirt".  The redeye pupil repair involved two and a half sets of eyes, in this case.  To remove redeye pupils isn't that difficult, so the cost isn't too terrible.
Photo Restoration and Repair - remove redeye pupil, Ken & Sarah - Photo Restore by SmileDogProductions.com
"Bad redeye."    "Bad, bad redeye"
Repair Redeye Pupil

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