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Photo Restoration - Old and valued photos can be very susceptible to damage: exposure to light, being scrunched around in the cardboard box on the top of the closet, acid from the glass of orange juice that your ex-spouse  threw at you.  Now, you can photo restore old photos and damaged photos to pristine condition.

Minor to Moderate Photo Restoration . . . $45 to $60 
Notice the crack on Dad's left arm and the scratch in the Ronald's hat.  Both were in non-critical areas, as were the fold at the bottom-right corner and the tear at the bottom left.  Even the discoloration in Barbara's face and hat were not in critical areas.  This was fairly easy photo retouching.
Photo Restoration by SmileDogProductions.com - restore Barbara - Photo Restore

Moderate to Major Photo Restoration . . . $60 to $80
Below is an early 50's photo of the Madore sisters, of Newfoundland (one of the sisters sent me the photo - guess which one and you win an all-expense paid one-half night stay at the Trinity Marriot).  Lots and LOTS of scratches, tears and discoloration, plus the sister on the right needed major eye surgery.  Take a look at the post-operative photo.  Not bad for someone who flunked out of medical school.

Moderate to Major Photo Restoration . . . $60 to $80
Notice the discoloration, especially on Milton's face.  When we restore old photos, faces are critical areas and difficult to repair.  Also, notice how blurred and out of focus Rita's hands and legs and the rest of the photo are.  It's easy to take an overly-sharp picture and romantically soften it.  It's much more difficult to sharpen a blurred photo that has little detail to begin with.  I would categorize this as "moderate" photo retouching.
Photo Restoration by SmileDogProductions.com - restore Rita and brother - Photo Restore
Although no critical areas are damaged, the grainy-ness of the "before" little Barry makes this a moderate to major photo retouching operation.  The "after" photo of this adorable little tyke (none other than me-self) has been de-grained and restored to black-and-white.  You may, though, choose to have a Sepia tone given to your photo, for that oh-so-trendy Retro look.

Moderate to Major Photo Restoration . . . $60 to $80 
Once again, it's not so much the cracks and the water stains, but, rather, the granny-ness (pun intended) that make this a major restoration.  Harry and Sarah (that's Harry on the left) have seen better days, and will soon see them again.
Photo Restoration and Retouching by SmileDogProductions.com - restore Harry and Sarah - Photo Restore

Moderate to Major Photo Restoration . . . $60 to $80
     I just completed this restoration for Diane, from Wisconsin.  She wrote “The little girl was my mother.  The 3 boys her brothers.  This was taken right before they were dropped off at an orphanage…”  
     Diane went on to say  “...very few photos were taken of their childhoods as you might guess.  So this photo is precious.  Thank you for the wonderful job!”  And thank you, Diane, for the opportunity.

Moderate to Major Photo Restoration . . . $60 to $80
This tintype of Fern's great-great-great-great grandfather has some major fading and discoloration problems, as well as a severe case of BBS (Burnt Beard Syndrome) and some other blemishes.  To fix the beard, a graft was taken from the good left-side of the beard, flipped around as a mirror image, and implanted on the damaged right-side.  So skillfully was it done that he never once said "ouch".
Photo Restoration by SmileDogProductions.com - restore Fern's great-grandfather - Photo Restore

P.S. - Above is a good example of how you may choose either black-and-white or Sepia.

Giganticus Photo Restoration . . . $85 and up
I received this very small and very damaged photo from Leti in Los Angeles.  Besides repairing the tears and replacing the missing corner, she asked that I remove the child from the bottom of the picture.  In addition, I decided to extend the top of the photo so that I could add to the couple's faces and heads.
Photo Restoration by SmileDogProductions.com - photo restore Leti's grandparents
When Leti first saw the restored version on my sample page, she emailed:  "I love the picture; everything is perfect you have done an amazing job never expected to turn out so good i just love it thanks u have done a great job... "  Of course, I'm much too modest to show you this.

Now here's the epitome of Photo Restoration - what it's is all about.  Check out what Chuck S. had to say about it (I know, you think I wrote this myself.  NOT!):  
"Good evening, Barry,
My first reaction - WOW!
I am especially impressed with the restoration of Joan's right shoulder and arm.  You couldn't even make it out in the original.
I am very impressed and very appreciative."


Now here's one from Evie - an old family photo that's seen better days.  Back when gasoline was 5 cents a gallon.

This one came to me from Susan - it's a picture of her Mom with a collage insert of her Dad.  The original was really, REALLY damaged.  What do you think?

Humongous Photo Restoration . . . $85 and up
Now this was indeed a major piece of restoration work.  Among other things, both dresses had to be cleaned up and, in many areas, created from scratch.  The patriarch's temple and ear had to be carefully restored.  And notice how the unnaturally sharp shift from light to dark in the man's coat has been blended into a smoother transition.  Pat myself on the back, why don't I.
Photo Restoration by SmileDogProductions.com - Photo Restore Old Photos - restore Anna and Morris -

Dave W. had gone around to local photo shops for several years, trying to get this picture of him restored, all to no avail.  Ah, the magic of the internet!

Maryjane sent me this damaged high-school photo of her Mom.  Moderate damage to the face and major damage to the hair.  And the blouse was really faded and torn.  So here's what we did -

And here's one from Barbara - only minor blemishes and cracks to repair, but major, MAJOR fading from exposure to sunlight.  And check out the dual color distortion at bottom left.  This one took quite a bit of work in order to bring out the faded details.

Aracelly sent me her Mom's high-school picture to restore.  Luckily, there were no major details missing, but there was a whole boatload of moderate damage.  The missing parts had to be carefully replaced so as to retain the skin tone and texture.
Photo Restoration by smiledogproductions.com.  Photo Restore

Here we have two separate photos given to me by Reeve.  The first is a badly damaged wedding photo of his wife.  The second is an autographed picture of General Eisenhower, where the signature had severely deteriorated.  Incidentally, the soldier on horseback behind Ike's auto is Reeve's wife's uncle.

Now here's a very much damaged wedding photo I received from Rachana.  The restoration was very difficult, and I'm really happy, as was Rachana, about how it came out.

Jackie V. sent me this photo of her Dad, circa late 40's-early 50's.  Now, this was a tough one to restore - masses of damage and fade-out.  Watcha'  think?

O.K., Tiffany, you wanted those two extraneous people removed from Mom & Dad's wedding picture.  No problem.  Oh, and I guess you also wanted a wee bit of restoration.  Voila!

Bob Peoples, a California photographer, sent me this really, REALLY damaged photo.  What thinkest thou?  Incidentally, Bob does some really nice work - click on his name above to see some of it.

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