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 Skinny-fy Page - Photo Restoration by SmileDogProductions.com

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No one likes to diet!  One has to give up what one enjoys, and that definitely goes against the grain with most of us.  Now, for a mere pittance, we can be as slim and slender as the fashion magazines and the movie screen tell us we should.  Take off those pounds and be the Skinny you want to be.  Of course, if you march to a Rubenesque drummer, we can also Fatty-fy.  Photo Restoration at it's chic-est  

Skinny-fy. . . $45 to $70
This process involves more than simply taking a photograph and dragging one side of it to narrow the image.  Unless the person in the photo is standing perfectly upright, narrowing the photo will distort the picture.  Rather than using this mechanical appoach, each image has to be analyzed and then many, many sections of it must be subtly and individually manipulated so that the end product appears as natural as the original.....
Photo Restoration and Retouch - Barry and Ulla - Photo Restoration by SmileDogProductions.com
Photo Restoration and Retouch - Ulla and Marie - Photo Restoration by SmileDogProductions.com

...unless, of course, if you're going for the laugh.
Photo Restoration and Retouch - Bush and Kerry - Photo Restoration by SmileDogProductions.com

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