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Photo Restoration -  Just for You

Looking to restore your old photo?  Just Google us.  Oops, you already did that.

     Are you tired of looking at your washed out memorabilia? Don’t despair - Smile Dog Productions will restore all of those old photos like new again.  We repair and fix damaged photos - that is what we do best.

     We are experienced photo restoration specialists who will bring back life to your pictures, leaving the originals intact.  We provide you with the ideal service to return your picture to its original grandeur.

If you want to look younger, without the wrinkles and the extra body weight, our digital photo specialists have your back (and your belly).  Visible damages, aging effects, blemishes, are removed instantly!  With up-to-date equipment and sheer talent, we can easily click our way to photo restore you to look Young Again or Slender at Last! Click! Click!

We do superb Photoshop services like digital image editing & photograph retouching. Here is what Smile Dog does best:

Art Effects - From a traditional oil or watercolor look to a totally abstract or whimsical rendering.
Background - A background change may be just what your photo needs.
Collage - Collages are very much in Vogue now. As well as in Mademoiselle and Good Housekeeping.
Colorize - Colorizing a vintage black-and-white photo formerly meant trusting it to a skilled artist who hand-painted it.  Welcome to the digital age!
Ex-es - Want to be in your photo alone?  We'll remove a person from a photo and/or place a new person into a photo.  Try this.
Restore - Now, you can restore old photos and damaged photos to pristine condition.  This is our specialty.
Skinny-fy - No one likes to diet! Lose those pounds without even going to the gym.
Young Again - Here in Florida, the new Fountain of Digital Youth was discovered. You can magically dissolve 10, 20, even 30 years. Smile Dog can make you look Young Again.
And so much more!     

     Why? Because with us, your smiles are worthwhile.        

     Can’t wait to get down to business? Visit our photo gallery and see what our digital photo restoration service can do for your beloved photographs. Or, if you’re fond of the ‘before-and-after’ photo restore demo scenario, click here and be awed!

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SmileDogProductions can restore, clarify, crop or colorize your photo, picture or portrait.  We can repair red-eye and add an exotic background to your image.  Any job you can imagine, we can do.

Clarification -  To Clarify is to make a basic adjustment to the photo brightness, photo contrast and photo color in order to bring out the best in your picture.  If you have a cherished portrait or snap-shot that has aged and faded and lost its luster over the years, we can brighten, sharpen, clarify and photo repair it so that it looks like it was taken just yesterday.   An easy enhancement.

Restoration - is to take an aging, damaged photograph and perform some digital photo touch up magic in order to photo repair it to its original condition.  Old and cherished family heirloom photos, portraits and tintypes can be very susceptible to damage; exposure to light, humidity, water damage and just plain carelessness but that can be remedied.  Send us your tattered, your spattered and your torn photos that are yearning to be free.  That's the meat and potatos of our Photograph Restoration and Retouch Service.

Red-Eye -   is a common fault that occurs when using the flash on your camera.  It can ruin an otherwise great photo.  Let us apply our digital Visine to fix your red eye.  We can even change eye color for you.

Skinny-fy -  is to take an image of, to be politically correct, a calory-challenged individual and to subtly manipulate it so as to melt away those excess milkshakes and french-fries.  Photo manipulation and photo retouching are our specialties.

Young Again! - is to use all of the digital imaging skills at our disposal in order to make a person appear to be 5, 10, even 20 years younger.  We can airbrush away the age wrinkles around the eyes, lips, neck and forehead, restore skin tone, straighten teeth, brighten teeth and eyes, remove the gray from the hair, even add an additional sparkle to the eyes. And for a whole lot less than a plastic surgeon and a whole lot safer than Botox.

Backgrounds - Altering a photo background can be as minor as removing a scrap of paper from the lawn or the unsightly utility poles in your photo or as major as erasing a mundane or cluttered background and placing the subject on the beach of an exotic South-Seas island.  Turn an ordinary photograph into a make-the-neighbors-green-with-envy one.

Ex-es - To remove an Ex- is akin to what we do when we replace Backgrounds.  Instead of replacing one background with another, we can remove a person or object and replace it with a continuation of the existing background.  Oh, and you can also add a person to a photo.  I guess that would be called 'Adding a Future Ex-'.

Collage - A Photo Collage, in this case, is an artistic arrangement of two or more pictures to create one pleasing or striking image.  You can use either the whole of each photo or parts of each.  Let us create a family portrait collage for you - of your children, your grand-kids, your pets, or your collection of 'I Like Ike' campaign buttons.

Cropping - To Crop a photograph is simply to remove the unnecessary edges so as to focus on the main subject. Photo cropping is a very simple photo enhancement that can immensely improve a picture=s quality.

Artistic Effects - Art Effects or Special Effects come in many guises.  We can take your photograph and transform it into an Oil Painting, a Watercolor or an Abstract rendering.  We can whirl it and swirl it, mosaic it or make it look like a page out of a comic book.  There=s no limit on what can be done.  Have an idea of what you would like?  If so, please do contact us and let=s discuss it.  Photo manipulation, artistic photo effects and image enhancement are what we like to do best.

Colorize - Do you have an old black and white photo that you think would look great in colour, or with color accents?  Conversely, do you have a color photo or image that you think would be striking as an artistic black-and-white photo?  Photo Colorization and Photo Tinting are among our specialties.  In either case, check out our Photo Colorizing page to get an idea of what we can do.

Summary of what we do
Digital Image Enhancement
Digital Photo Restoration
Digital Photo Retouching
Restore Aging Photographs
Repair Damaged Photos
Photo Editing
Photo Greeting Cards
Artistic Photo Renderings
Photo Special Effects

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